Upcoming Performances

August 29th-September 8th 2019

Berlioz 'Benvenuto Cellini'

Performing with the Monteverdi Choir, singing chorus in Berlioz's Benvenuto Cellini at venues across Europe including Versailles, Paris, and the Proms, London

September 10th-October 12th 2019

Gilbert&Sullivan 'Pirates of Penzance'

Reprising the role of Kate in Merry Opera's production of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance in various venues including KAUST, Saudi Arabia


October 26th-November 3rd 2019

Marschner 'Der Vampyr'

Performing the role of Suse in Gothic Opera's production of Marschner's Der Vampyr, taking place in specially chosen atmospheric locations around London

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